Bonaire is declared as the best place to learn windsurfing five times in a row. Especially at Sorobon Beach the conditions are ideal. The water is about 3 feet deep and you can enjoy a steady and onshore wind. Bonaire Windsurf Place is one of the two schools that you can find at Sorobon, and the school with which Wanapa is working together. Here you can get windsurfing lessons from experienced pros. Some teachers were even world champions in the past. If you go surfing you need a "Nature tag" which can be purchased at one of the windsurfing schools. At Sorobon Beach you can also grab a snack or drink and make use of the toilets.

Bonaire's year round steady trade winds, clear warm water and easy shore access make the island also the ideal destination for kiteboarders. The primary spot where most people go kiteboarding is on the southwest side of the island at the site called Atlantis Beach. At Atlantis there is plenty of room to jump, fly, and cut through the water. At this site two kite boarding schools are located where you can take lessons and rent equipment.